I graduated at the University of Twente in telematics, databases and artificial intelligence. On top of 10+ years of SQL Server experience i also have 10+ years experience as a developer in the languages Java, Python, Assembler, C, C++, C#, Pascal, Visual Basic, Javascript, NodeJS and PHP and the most popular frameworks used together with those languages.

In addition to SQL Server I offer Java performance tuning and troubleshooting services. Often the root cause is not clear which means that the location of the problem is not clear: the database, the code? Using my broad experience I do not have to disappoint my customers making it rare that a problem is encountered that I cannot solve. When a lot of time (and money) can be saved I can create my own tools to gather and analyze data or for the purpose of monitoring when not available.

As it occurs regularly that my customers do not have complete or proper monitoring set up which can delay finding the cause of a problem significantly, I offer monitoring using Grafana or temporary performance counters/server side traces.