SQL Server Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting Expert

Are you or other SQL Server experts unable to resolve an issue? Did previously applied optimizations stop working? I specialize exclusively in solving SQL Server performance issues and guarantee that almost every problem will be solved. Contact me for advice without any obligations.

Winkel ICT distinguishes itself by having very broad technical experience which allows for easy communication with developers even if the root cause turns out to be not related to SQL Server. In addition I restrict myself as MS SQL Expert to SQL Server performance tuning and troubleshooting with a preference to only the most difficult to solve problems. This is why I am acquainted with many of SQL Server's most common performance problems but also the strangest quirks of SQL Server.

In general I am available immediately (also at weekends and at night) when short and urgent problems and failures occur and will keep going until the problem has been solved. My working style is fast with clear communication. I carry over my knowledge directly or by writing documentation when required. My theoretical abilities are strong but my approach is pragmatic: I want to help my customer as fast as possible and fix the problem's root cause. My end goal is helping the customer by making myself redundant.

75% of problems usually are solved within an hour. Almost all problems I solve within 3 days. Rarely it happens that the solution for a problem involves longer development or tuning. Nonetheless it can happen that by lack of monitoring or logs or when concurrent or sporadic (but critical) problems occur that extensive 'detective' work is necessary. In this case I am available at a lower rate.

This way I helped many government organizations, banks but also smaller companies out of technically difficult and costly situations. I will take care that the root cause is established with near 100% certainty and that the applied solution is solid and complete ensuring that the problem will not occur again.

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